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Sentana Art Wood focuses on manufacturing & exporting furniture made of Teak root such as Tables, Stools, & Home decorations. As part of our environtmental responsible approach, we specialize in the use of recycled & waste wood, transforming the roots of Teak trees into a wide variety of products. Sentana Art Wood best selling products are stools, tables, & many kind of decorations as you can see on the slide which 90% are marketed to US. Recently, for the last 4-5 years we worked with Resin Products, combine with Teak root & glass waste. Then, we expand our business to Teak root production.


To be a globally recognized leader in providing sustainable wooden furniture and home decor. We strive to showcase the beauty of natural materials and promote environmentally responsible practices, making a positive impact on the world.


To create exquisite and sustainable products using Teak root waste and non-commercial woods. We are committed to preserving the local raw materials and ecosystems in Indonesia.

Through our unique designs and expert craftmanship, we aim to inspire others to make sustainable choices and contribute to a greener future.

Together, our vision and mission guide us in creating eco-friendly and visually captivating wooden furniture and home decor. We believe that by incorporating sustainability into our business practices, we can make a positive impact on the environment and inspire others to do the same.


Sentana Art Wood is a company that specialized in creating unique and high-quality products using waste wood and non-commercial wood. The history of Sentana Art Wood begins arround 2014 when the company was established.

At the time of it’s inception, Sentana Art Wood primarily focused on utilizing Teak root, which was traditionally used as firewood for cooking, was seen as waste wood and relatively worthless material. However, Sentana Art Wood saw the potential in transforming these discarded Teak roots into valuable and artistic creations.

As the company grew, Sentana Art Wood expanded it’s range of materials beyond Teak root. They began utilizing other non-commercial wood varieties such as Suar/ Saman wood, Tamarine wood and even waste wood obtained from the surrounding environment. This broadened their range of creative possibilities and all allowed them to create an even wider array of products for their customers.

The use of waste wood from the surrounding environment not only demonstrated Sentana Art Wood’s commitment to sustainability but also their innovative and eco-conscious outlook. By sourcing their materials from local sources, the company both reduced waste and contributed to the circular economy.

Throughout it’s history, Sentana Art Wood has remained dedicated to the ideal of transforming seemingly worthless materials into highly valuable and sought-after products. Their commitment to sustainability and maintaining the quality of their craftmanship has earned them a loyal customer base.

Today, Sentana Art Wood continues to create their distinctive and sustainable products. By incorporating waste wood and non-commercial wood into their designs, they not only offer customers unique and environmentally friendly pieces but also contribute to the preservation of forest resources and the reduction of waste.

In conclusion, the history of Sentana Art Wood is one of innovation, sustainability and craftmanship. From their humble beginnings of transforming Teak root into beautiful creations, they have expanded their materials to include other non-commercial and waste wood varieties. Through their commitment to transforming discarded materials and maintaining the sustainability of their products, Sentana Art Wood has established itself as a leader in the industry.


  1. Sustainable Materials : We prioritize the use of sustainable materials, particularly Teak root waste and non-commercial woods. By utilizing these materials, we help reduce and preserve natural resources.
  2. Unique Designs : Our products are known for their unique and captivating designs. We strive to create furniture and home decor that stand out and add an artistic touch to any space.
  3. Environmental Responsibility : We are deeply committed to promoting environmentally responsible practices. By choosing Sentana Art Wood, you are supporting a company that prioritizes sustainability and engages in eco friendly manufacturing processes.
  4. Empowering Local Communities : Our business model involves working closely with local communities and craftmen in Indonesia. By choosing our products, you contribute to empowering these communities and supporting their livelihoods.
  5. International Standards : Our products meet international standards in terms of quality and safety. We are dedicated to producing products that exceed customers expectations and provide long-lasting satisfaction.
  6. Global reach : As an exporter, we have a global reach and can ship our products to customers worldwide. Wherever you are, you can enjoy the beauty and sustainability of Sentana Art Wood products.

By choosing Sentana Art Wood, you are making a conscious choice to support sustainability, craftmanship and local communities. Our unique designs and commitment to excellence set us apart from others in the industry.

The Carpenter Stories

Inspiring stories our workplace truly special!

Soar High, Yoko!

Meet Yoko, an amazingly talented finishing team member at Sentana Art Wood. One day, Yoko approached me and asked to leave an hour earlier to pursue his dream of making it on to the Para Games badminton team. Without hesitation, I granted his request, knowing that supporting our employees’ aspirations is key to fostering success.

Despite being born with fewer fingers on his left hand, Yoko has never let it hold him back. With unwavering determination and a fully functioning right hand, he moves through life with grace and resilience. He pours 100 percent of his efforts into everything he does, both at work and in his hobby. Nothing deters him from giving his all in badminton training as he aims high to become a Para Games badminton athlete.

His physical condition has never dimmed his confidence; on the contrary, it shines brightly, motivating us all. Yoko, your spirit and determination inspire us daily. We stand behind you wholeheartedly, cheering on your triumphs and successes. May your journey become a beacon of inspiration for everyone. Good luck and soar high, Yoko! #InspiringJourney#SentanaArtWood #ParagamesBadminton